Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

您(学生/客户)报名参加本课程是为了准备驾驶课程/证书课程. All techniques and materials are the exclusive property of Asia Driving School ("ADS"). You agree not to disclose, sell or distribute any information, written or spoken, obtained from ADS, to any third party.

All trademarks, service marks, logos, model and brand names, emblems and protectable trade dress elements, whether explicitly marked or not, (individually and collectively, "Marks") used on this Website are believed to be owned by Asia Driving School, or joint partners, or are believed to be used with permission. All Marks are subject to U.S. (federal and state) and international trademark, unfair competition and other intellectual property laws.

You may not copy, reproduce, download, upload, post, display, broadcast, transmit, distribute, publish, republish, encode, translate or otherwise use any Materials or Marks provided on this Website in any form, by any means, in any medium, 或通过任何信息存储或检索系统,而没有ADS的书面许可.

CONFIDENTIALITY: In no event will Asia Driving School disclose, sell or distribute any information, written or spoken, 由第三者从客户/学生处取得,除非当事人要求或法院命令. 免责声明:在任何情况下,亚洲驾校的教职员或教师不承担任何私人财产及/或文件遗失的责任.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION: All disputes under Administrative Driving Code, Title 92, Chap. II, Part 1060.80 shall be directed to the Illinois Secretary of State Office. 完整协议:本协议构成bwinapp下载与学生之间的完整合同, 除本协议外,任何口头保证或承诺均不得约束bwinapp下载或学生.

WEBSITE: AsiaDrivingSchool.com implements the use of a pixel for use in behavior marketing.

In the event that the method of payment is returned for insufficient funds, student will be responsible for any bank fees along with the remaining balance. In the event that your balance is not paid in full by 90 days, you will be responsible for total billed charges, collection costs, and reasonable attorney fees.

ADS may, at its own discretion, change course schedules and locations and, on rare occasions, cancel a course. You understand that enrollment is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. ADS may dismiss any student who has not paid tuition, in full, in accordance with our tuition policies or who, in ADS's opinion, is disruptive during driving lessons.

INSTRUCTION PERMIT:每位学员在驾驶车辆时,必须持有有效的驾驶指导许可证, if you forget a permit on the day of the lesson $45 rescheduling fee will be assessed.

DRIVING TEST: Behind the wheel instruction is private. However, if you choose to take the Road Test without a lesson attached, 你可能会安排一个已经和另一名学生去国务卿那里的老师. 当安排道路考试时,我们的执照教练将决定你是否是一个安全的司机,能够被安排在考试的队伍中. 如果教练认为你不是一个安全的驾驶员,将会有一节课代替路试. 请记住,我们将提供家园拾,只有道路测试结合教训. 如果您不需要接您回家,我们将根据讲师的时间表安排您在国务卿或在离国务卿最近的公共交通工具上见面.

SERVICE AT THE SECRETARY OF STATE: Two hours are allotted for the Road Test including drop off. Any additional time spent at the Secretary of State due to delays in line or other factors, including the need to resolve documentation, eligibility or license issues will be charged at an hourly rate of $50 ($50 minimum). Upon departure from the Secretary of State, 学生可以选择在最近的CTA运输站下车(而不是在家里),以避免在路试总时间超过两小时时额外收取每小时50美元的费用. 学生可以选择重新安排路考时间,这样他们就可以独立解决问题,但仍需支付45美元.

手机/电子设备:严禁在驾驶课上使用手机或其他便携式电子设备. Additionally, 在驾驶课上,学生必须将手机和/或其他便携式电子设备静音. 不遵守这些指导方针的学生将被免除该课程,并将不会获得该课程学分. 取消政策:与亚洲驾校(ADS)的预约将通过电子邮件确认. 学生有责任提前24小时通知ADS,以避免在最后一刻收取每两(2)小时课45美元的取消费.

IN-LESSON CANCELLATION:当讲师在预定的时间到达课程地点时,课程就被认为已经开始. The lesson may then be cancelled if the student chooses not to take the lesson, is not wearing adequate footwear, lack of sleep, intoxication, medication, 或者如果学生拒绝听从导师的指示(特别是包括鲁莽的学生行为).) A lesson so cancelled shall be considered fulfilled as far as the obligations of ADS.

REFUNDS如果学生/客户在第一节课之前要求退款,我们将根据具体情况酌情处理退款. 30% processing fee will be applied to all refunds. 如果您选择在任何时候停止您的包,学生/客户将有1年的信用期, from date purchased. If you decide to stop all lessons with ADS, credit may be use for a friend/family member of your choice. Note: If Instructor decides to stop a lesson while in progress, due to student not properly listening/following instructions, student will not be refunded for that lesson.

FOOTWEAR POLICY (在驾驶课上):学生不允许穿凉鞋或任何露趾鞋在驾驶课上. 驾驶课上必须穿鞋,而且必须从头到脚都要穿(不露脚趾的鞋)。. IT'S NOT PERMITTED TO WEAR SANDALS OR HEELS DURING YOUR DRIVING LESSON.

In addition to all terms and conditions TEENS will also abide by the following:

ATTENDANCE FOR TEEN DRIVING PROGRAMS:缺课的学生将被安排补课或作业. Student is responsible for scheduling make-up sessions with Instructor/Teen Coordinator. 缺席超过4节课的学生将被从该项目中删除,并将被要求在稍后的日期重新注册,并支付45美元的重新注册费. 因旷课超过四节而被退学的学生,将不会获退还部分或全部学费, including behind the wheel lessons.

RE-ENROLLMENT FEE:如果学生希望注册课堂课程组,而不是他原来注册的课堂课程组, 在原课程开始后的第二天,学生可以重新注册到另一个可用的课堂课程部分. 将学生重新分配到不同的课堂课程部分将会有45美元的重新注册费.

SCHEDULING BEHIND THE WHEEL:所有的注册和注册表格必须提交,并必须收到全额付款,以便安排驾驶(顺便说一下)课程. BTW lessons must be completed within 1 year from purchase date. After one year of purchase date, the remaining hours will be billed at a regular behind the wheel hourly rate.

CANCELLATION NOTICE FOR TEEN DRIVING PROGRAMS: When scheduling a driving lesson, 必须在营业时间内至少给予24小时通知,取消或重新安排任何安排的幕后驾驶课程. 没有提前24小时取消或重新安排课程的学生将被收取45美元的取消费. 所有被取消的课程必须重新安排,以便学生完成国务卿要求的驾驶时间. The Student will receive confirmation email for any lesson scheduled with ADS.

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