I am photographer.



My home videos from the time I learned to speak to around age 6 make this embarrassingly evident. As annoying as this must have been for my parents, it’s a great quality to have now as I spend my days on the phone with clients, discussing their vision and needs and finding ways to make it happen.


Being educated at home left me to create phonics cards that were elaborately decorated, to learn basic math with rigidly color-coded M&M’s, and to read above my grade-level to my heart’s content. I delved into oil painting, sculpture, music, theater, sewing with a creative curiosity that could not be satisfied. As I got older I threw myself into more academic wanderings – researching, writing, speaking, debating, and working in local politics were all ways for me to learn about new things and think about how to apply my new knowledge in helpful and productive ways.


See above re: color-coded M&Ms. Seriously, my mom found me in my room when I was 3-years-old organizing my sock drawer (a habit I wish I still had, because mine’s a mess now.) In the way any creative & organized person must, I strive to find a way to bring discipline into my creativity to produce compelling, fresh, and quality products for the people I work for.


Law Student

I’m making my way through my J.D. at Georgetown Law in Washington, D.C.  Georgetown is my dream school and I pinch myself everyday that I am privileged enough to be here! 


I’ve been drawing, illustrating, and creating since I could hold a crayon.  For the past 6 years, wedding and portrait photography have become my creative passion! 

Wife & Auntie

In July of 2014 I became an auntie to the sweetest little boy to ever live, Wyatt Avery.  One month later I said “I do” to the love of my life.  You could say it was a big year. 

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