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a pine forest camp wedding: Erin & Jacob

It’s a special part of my job to have clients who become friends. But I also love it when friends become clients! Erin and I went to college together, took a ton of major classes together, served on SGA together, and ended up working together! She has always been the sweetest and most adventurous soul. It was an honor and a privilege to photograph her wedding to her soulmate. Jacob grew up going to a camp in Livingston, TN (think: somewhere between Nashville & Knoxville). When Erin told me they would be getting married and celebrating their special day at the same camp, I knew it was going to be an incredible wedding to be a part of!

Some of my favorite things about this wedding: the family! So sweet and caring! The small crowd – the guests came for lunch and stayed through the wedding and dinner! The simple and meaningful details – the pine cones gathered from the pine forest where they got married! The ankle jewelry Erin got from halfway around the world. The handmade wedding bands from another one of our college friends (hey Kelly!). The location! The pine forest. The lake. The amazingly symmetrical baby pine grove?! Come on! The ceremony – everyone was invited to speak words of advice and love in affirmation of the couple’s marriage. (Yeah I cried okay.)

I truly loved everything about this wedding, and I hope you enjoy the images I captured! All of my congratulations and love to Erin & Jacob.












































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